What’s it all about?

The Serenity Experience is an experiential art installation based on one of my 2D abstract landscape photographic artworks. I’ve used digital and analog techniques to create a multi-sensory experience of the piece within a small hut. My intention is to bring together themes of childhood memories, connecting with nature and the community around us, environmental conservation, and mental health. I believe that art has the power to not only inspire change, but also to heal.

There is an interactive portion at the end, which will engage people further and allow them to share their experiences. Search Instagram using the hashtag #TheSerenityExperience to see behind the scenes images and videos of the original building of the installation, along with sneak peeks and lots of interactive responses from visitors during the 2018 Winter One of a Kind Show and my solo show in a gallery a couple of months later.

As part of my solo exhibition at the Artists’ Network Gallery early in 2019, I created a one-day Serenity mini-retreat. The idea was to take some of the ideas and inspiration behind #TheSerenityExperience installation, and turn it into a day full of good vibes and beautiful moments in the gallery. Click here to see what the schedule of events for the day looked like.

I’m excited to share the news that I’ve set aside part of my lovely new studio space for The Serenity Experience!

The installation will be open to visitors one day a month to start, and the first ones to know which day (and other details) will be my loyal email list subscribers - if you aren’t already receiving my email newsletters, you can sign up here :)


“Serenity”, the piece that radiates calm so beautifully that I was inspired to create a whole little hut to experience it with all of the senses :)